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ICSI Dish - Tight Lid - Sterile

50mm X 10 mm (Individually Packed Sterile)

40002010 ICSI DISH COA

ICSI Dish is intended for holding Oocytes and Sperm during fertilization viaIntracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI).

It is made from Medical grade Polystyrene materials which meets ISO 1133/ISO 527/ISO 306 AND IEC-60695-11-10, for its physical, mechanical and thermal properties. This material is certified for FDA -21 CFR and is complaint with USP CLASS VI and ISO 10993.

Our ICSI Dish is designed and developed with innovative features for quality & ease of use :

  • Low Profile provides optimal angles during ICSI process.
  • True flat bottom for maintaining optimal temperature.
  • Easy grip design for increased safety.
  • It is individually packed.
  • It is manufactured in complete clean room
    Ensuring product is free from Human DNA, RNA Free, DNA Free and Endotoxin Free.
  • It is Gamma radiation sterilized to ensure sterility of the product.
  • It is MEA certified and Endotoxin -LAL Certified from well-known certified lab in USA.
  • It has highly polished optical centre to see the samples clearly.
  • Our ICSI dish meets the exacting requirements of IVF testing, certification and validation for consistently reliable, high quality results during fertilization.
Cat No.
ICSI Dish - Tight Lid - Sterile (50mm x 10mm),
Individually Packed Sterile by Gamma Radiation & MEA Certified
250 Nos.

ICSI Dish - Tight Lid - Sterile (50mm X 10mm)