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Culture Dish - Sterile

57mm X 16 mm

40002014 60mm Culture Dish COA

The culture Dish is a multipurpose dish for Fertilization Cryo Procedures, Embryo Culture and Embryo Transfer.

It is made from Medical grade Polystyrene materials which meets ISO 1133/ISO 527/ISO 306 AND IEC-60695-11-10, for its physical, mechanical and thermal properties. This material is certified for FDA -21 CFR and is complaint with USP CLASS VI and ISO 10993.

Our Culture Dish is designed and developed with innovative features for quality & ease of use :

  • True flat bottom for maintaining optimal temperature.
  • Easy grip design for increased safety.
  • It is individually packed and available in pack of 5.
  • Culture dish with Air vent
    makeing sure proper gas exchange takes place and also prevents contamination.
  • It is manufactured in complete clean room
    ensuring product is free from Human DNA, RNA Free, DNA Free and Endotoxin Free.
  • It is Gamma radiation sterilized to ensure sterility of the product
  • It is MEA certified and Endotoxin -LAL Certified from well-known certified lab in USA.
Cat No.
Culture Dish / Petridish (57mm x 16mm), Pack of 5,
Sterile by Gamma Radiation & MEA Certified
300 Nos.

Culture Dish - Sterile (57mm X 16 mm)